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Hey everyone, I'm Anthony Bellasario and I'd like to welcome you to my cool now web site, Lighted Signs. I have a little boutique sign company specializing only in lighted signs, in all of their different forms. From small intricately woven signs, to large store-front and billboard-sized neon signs, I have experience in all of it. And I decided to create this site to bring all of the information I've acquired over the years and put it in one place. I'll write some interesting article and post some cool photos and whenever you have a question about any type of lighted sign, you'll think about this site and come here. So, welcome and feel free to leave a comment or question. I'll be happy to help out any way I can!

Designing An Effective Signage

A signage attracts attention and is a good form of advertising. No matter what products or services you offer, a signage would be beneficial for your business.

What Is A Store Signage?
A signage is any symbol, words, emblem or logo that represents your store. It gives your store identity. Aside from the store name, it could also give information about pricing, promotions and other product details. A signage could be in the form of a banner, plaque, tag, a website logo or name and many more. Some signs that are printed on vinyl, paper, or fabric are used for outdoor or indoor displays. It could be also printed or stuck with adhesive on a wall and glass windows of shops and on vehicles. Digital graphics are used on your office or store’s website.

How To Make An Effective Store Signage:
An effective signage should have just the right information or else it could have a negative effect on a customer. When making a signage, consider the following:

-Make the letters readable. If you need signage to display on the front of your establishment, don’t make the font overwhelmingly huge or too small to be seen from a distance.

-Color scheme is important.
Color could give life to your signage, but when the wrong combinations are used, it could be devastating. You should think about hues and contrasts. Imagine orange font against a red background. Who would want to read that? Do not make your signage an eyesore. Here’s an extra tip: Light-colored text against a dark background is easier to read and more noticeable than dark text on a light background.

-Put in the right amount of information.
A passerby does not usually stop to read everything that is on a signage. You want your potential customer to absorb only the important keywords of your sign that would give them the right idea. A signage with too much information could look uninteresting and too boring to read. There is a principle that is applied to signage writing called the “Seven Word Rule”: a person who walks by a sign could only read up to about seven words. So, keep words to a minimum.

-Illumination at night.
If your store is open until dark, then you should custom-make your sign to be visible until that time. Your signage may have a built-in light inside the plastic case or have spotlights on it.

-The law.
There may be some regulations in some states that limit signs. For example, in Washington, signs that could pose a great “threat to vehicular and pedestrian safety” are prohibited. (Ballen v. Redmond, 466 F.3d 736 (9th Cir., 2006))

Design and install a good signage on your storefront today and watch your sales increase!

Useful Advantages of Using Photoluminescent Lighted Exit Signs

Lighted exit signs are widely used in offices, schools, grocery stores and other establishments. These days, many of them prefer to use photoluminescent exit signs over the traditional exit signs due to its several advantages.

For the past several years, photoluminescent materials are being utilized in various methods. Design, construction, entertainment and other industries have all taken advantage of this useful material.

Here is a rundown of the significant advantages of photoluminescent exit signs:

Photoluminescent exit signs which is also called self luminous exit signs does not require replacement parts. It does not also require maintenance unlike the conventional exit signs. In addition to this, it is made from non-toxic materials. Traditional lighted exit signs pose several health risks because of its toxic materials while self luminous exit signs utilize nature “green” technology.

Because this new kind of lighted exit sign does not need internal replacement parts, they can last for at least 25 years when operating under regular conditions.
As the dirt and dust builds up on any flat surface, the signs must be cleaned using a mild cleaner or water when necessary. Photoluminescent material will also endure UV light exposure, permitting a steady and identical lighting across the surface of the sign.
These lighted exit signs are also free from combustion. Several commercial industries will benefit from it as most of them entail exit signs that are non-combustible.

As a summary, due to the fact that photoluminescent products do not utilize electricity, owners will save more money on electric bills; thus, more productive projects can be done which can lead to a more progressive business. It is also considered as the greenest solution for the society’s lighting requirements nowadays.

Establishments using 100 lighted exit signs can save roughly $3,500 every year. It also aims to lessen the building’s carbon footprint. Moreover, using photoluminescent exit signs lessens air pollution by about half a million pounds of CO2 as opposed to electrical signs.

The fire safety industry has also turned to be a beneficiary of photoluminescent exit signs. Nowadays, lighted exit signs have started to replace other electrical signs as per the industry standard. The dependability of these exit signs is very important when there is an emergency. Definitely, it cannot afford to malfunction because overall safety will be compromised. Photoluminescent exit signs have the zero-energy operation which pertains that wires or bulbs don’t need to be preserved or restored.

All have been said about these lighted exit signs, its overall features explain why they are preferred by many industries.